We Moved Kitchens and Parks in 2016

2016 was such a big year that we forgot to update the website (or just didn’t have access to it). Luckily it has been recovered along with the email address. The quickest way to reach us continues to be through our facebook page. Richmond Food not Bombs is now cooking out of a community kitchen in partnership with RVA Createspace. We serve at Abner Clay park on Sundays at Mondays at 4PM. We will start updating the webite and checking our emails again. Although our operations never ceased, there was an organizational lull / transitional time in late 2015. Some things (e.g. website/email) were not made priorities, but food rescued and served to folks in need always was. We are back in full force again. Thanks for all your support!


On the Closing of Monroe Park

Monroe Park, where we serve our meals every Sunday, is still under attack. The park is a major day site for homeless folks and one of few spots for key services like running water and restrooms. A Society Without A Name, for People Without A Home, is rallying to keep Monroe Park open and accessible for everyone.

ASWAN is circulating a petition in support of their efforts as they organize amongst park users and negotiate with the City. Please sign and share!

Donating to Food Not Bombs

Donated items should be shelf-stable, unopened (except for spices, which can be opened but must be in the original container), and vegan. We can also use produce: for example, if you have excess from a garden. Please only drop off produce between Friday and Sunday. Items can be dropped off at Food not Bombs which is on the side of the building through the gate of RVA Createspace, at 607 Wickham St. Richmond VA 23222.

If you would like to organize a food drive, contact, to work out details.


High Priority:
– Tin foil
– Vegetable oil and olive oil
– Cleaning products, especially dish soap, brushes, and packs of sponges.
– Large reusable tupperware
– Plastic bags
– Rinsed out plastic containers of various kinds (yogurt, take-out, etc)
– Plastic utensils
– Rice

General Items
– Canned tomatoes and tomato sauce
– Canned beans of all types, but especially kidney beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans (chickpeas). We have much more use for these beans than for green beans.
– Canned corn (not creamed corn), peas, and carrots
– Pasta sauce in jars or cans
– Spices, especially garlic powder, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, and chili powder.
– Soy sauce
– Flour
– Sugar, white and brown
– Baking soda and powder
– Dry oatmeal
– Pasta
– Rice
– Drink mixes like: lemonade mix, iced tea mix, tea, hot cocoa, kool-aid.
Things which we need much less of, but find useful:
– Salad dressings
– Dried fruits
– Molasses or maple syrup
– Flavoring extracts like vanilla, almond, and lemon
– Shelf stable jars of apple sauce
– Vegetable shortening
– Vinegars
Specialty items which we usually cook without, but can use: 
– Vegannaise
– Nutritional yeast
– Egg replacer powder

Boycott List- Free Monroe Park

Last week, the Richmond City Council leased Monroe Park to the Monroe Park Conservancy, ostensibly because the city can no longer afford to handle management of the park (though they can afford to put 3 million dollars toward renovations, directed by the MPC). The Conservancy has expressed, repeatedly, their intention to prevent homeless or “homeless-looking” people from using the park. Monroe Park is our largest public park; it must remain free for all to use.

The following businesses and institutions are connected to individuals attempting to gentrify Monroe Park by either 1) Having a representative as an officer or director of the Monroe Park Conservancy 2) having a Monroe Park Conservancy member as an employee 3) donating to the Conservancy 4) are owned by a Conservancy official or 5) employ or are owned by a member of the Monroe Park Advisory Council. Don’t patronize them, don’t donate to them, don’t attend their events, and don’t do business with them. Full list through the link.

Boycott List.

We’re broke!

Howdy, folks, we’re in a bit of a tight financial spot: we haven’t been able to run any fundraisers lately, and we’re not going to be able to pay for staple supplies this month without some help. If you can donate, please contact Kat at 703-859-0393. We have a PayPal, but we need the money for Sunday, and we wouldn’t be able to get to it by then.

Additional contact people to follow soon.